In an age where everyone seems to be shouting, music that affords you some space to take a step back and ask questions feels relevant. For indie pop-rock outfit Four Star Riot, the answer to some of the most pressing questions of the day is to first admit that maybe none of us has THE definitive answer. Frontman and principal songwriter Steve Alex certainly doesn’t have it and he knows it. He wants you to know it, too. On the band’s new album Daylight, Alex’s uncertainty about the way forward for all of us is perhaps more pronounced than ever. But Four Star Riot know that being inviting is a good — and increasingly crucial — place to start.

Over the course of multiple releases (and lineups), Tampa Bay’s Four Star Riot have consistently delivered stick-in-your-head pop/rock choruses sung by one of the finest voices in Tampa Bay and the tradition continues with the quartet’s new four-song EP. A punchy and dynamic mix, adorned with enough ear candy to reward repeated listenings, gives instruments and vocals the needed sonic space for individual parts to shine. The bass and drums sit firmly in the pocket, interlocking with inventive guitar parts, tastefully processed,