How do I get my band’s video on Surfboard Records?2019-06-07T20:31:08+00:00

There are 2 ways to get your video on Surfboard Records.

1 upload the current music video you have via the upload button in the right hand side.

2 give us a call at 727-544-0551 or 727-410-6886. We will discuss your desires for a professionally shot music video and create a video you can use for promotions, press, and personal viewing.

What is Surfboard Records?2019-06-07T20:36:48+00:00

Surfboard Records is a multi-cam / multi-track audio recording company. Filming live events for matures and professionals. The material can be used for marketing and promotions or simply to show your friends. We serve Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas.

If you are signed with a record company, congratulations, we are not a record company that you sign, you do not need to be an independent band in order to have us come out and film.

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